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GDPR - Integrity and personal data policy

G A Lindberg ChemTech values your personal integrity and seek to protect your personal information in the best manner possible.


G A Lindberg uses pesonal information such as name, phone number and addresses that we register for you with the purpose of providing you information and services that you have requested as well as for following up sales and product development. We do not store personal data longer than necessary or longer than is required for legal reasons.


The number of people that have access to the information is limited and the information is not given to a third party other than when a service is to be performed on G A Lindberg’s behalf. If this is the case, we establish personal information or assistance agreements with the third party. In these agreements, the information is regulated in terms of treatment, duration, purpose, type of personal data and our obligations and rights.


You are welcome to turn to us as a registered person and request access to the personal information registered, the purpose of this information and who has received your personal data. According to GDPR, you have the right to extract this information once annually. The request should be sent by mail with your signature (not by e-mail). You have the right to request a withdrawal of consent for the treatment of your personal data. If the data is treated contrary to GDPR, you have the right to request that the data is corrected, blocked or erased.


This website contains links to other websites. G A Lindberg ChemTech AB is not responsible for the content of those websites nor their treatment of personal data.


See our Integrity and Personal Data Policy here.



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