Terms & Conditions
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Terms & Conditions

Here you can read through our terms and conditions of sales and what is applicable to returns.


All prices are without value added tax. Prices and discounts are valid for the specific order day. Orders with a net worth below 600 SEK are not accepted. Currency adjustment: We adjust against the previous week's average exchange rate. The currency adjustment is shown under each article on the order confirmation and invoice.

We reserve the right to execute price Changes when this is called upon by circumstances that we could not reasonably have predicted and could not rule over.


Certificates can be provided for a fee.

Packaging and environmental fee

Packaging will be charged on the invoice. An environmental fee of 0,5% is charged upon billing. The packaging materials are covered by producer responsibility according to regulation SFS 2006:1273.

Our company is connected to FTI. we pay fees for packaging materials and thereby take our producer responsibility for the recycling of packaging materials.

Help us care for the environment!

G A Lindberg ChemTech AB wants to pull our weight to reduce the use of materials for packaging, invoices etc. and reduce our environmental footprint and emissions from transport. We therefore offer you who wants to make good choices for the Environment to receive your invoice via email.

Send an email to britt-marie.helander@galindberg.se and we will make sure you receive your invoice via email. For paper invoices sent by post, a fee of 30 SEK will be added. The fee will be donated to WWF, so even that will be a contribution to the environment!  

Electronic waste

Waste from electric and electronic products purchased from G A Lindberg ChemTech AB will be accepted with no fee at our warehousea. Adress: Metallvägen 20, 435 33 Mölnlycke, Sweden.

Any cost of frieight will be paid by the customer. Make sure to label the package clearly with "electronic waste".


Contact customer service and ask for a registration of a notified return via info@galindberg.se or phone number +46 8-703 02 00. Return address: Metallvägen 20, SE-435 33 Mölnlycke, Sweden.

Only in advance approved returns of unopened and original packaging will be credited. Returns of wrongly placed orders will only be credited up to 80 % of the product price. 


All products sold and marketed by G A Lindberg ChemTech AB are intended for professional use within the industry. 


Goods will remain property of G A Lindberg ChemTech AB until full payment has been received. For other delivery terms, depending on product, we refer to:

- NL92 or succeeding
- General delivery terms for the plastics industry 1994 or succeeding



Recommendations or statements regarding the products do not constitute a guarantee without written confirmation from G A Lindberg Chemtech. The buyer must, by tests or otherwise, verify the suitability of the products for the intended purpose, taking into account all factors that affect the intended use.

If G Lindberg Chemtech undertakes to carry out tests or tests on behalf of the buyer, G A Lindberg Chemtech is not responsible for:

I) use of the results for a particular purpose, where such use has not been clearly confirmed in writing;

II. other interpretation of produced data or results than expressly stated; and

III) deviations from results that occur outside the laboratory environment due to factors other than established parameters for the tests or trials.


G A Lindberg Chemtech is not responsible for loss of profit, loss of production, indirect or other special injury or consequential damages, regardless of whether they are due to negligence or not. G A Lindberg Chemtech's liability for damages and the Purchaser's sole remedy for any damage caused by: 1) defective products; 2) the sale of products; 3) the use of products; or 4) the missing or delayed delivery of products is, in addition to penalties for product liability under item 10 below, expressly limited to an obligation to 1) replace defective products, or 2) refund the purchase price upon eligible cancellation of ordered delivery due to longer delay in relation to the delivery date specified in the Sales Agreement. No other requirements may be made by Buyer against G A Lindberg Chemtech due to the sale of Products under the Sales Agreement.

Product liability

G A Lindberg Chemtech shall replace the Buyer and indemnify the Buyer from any direct costs incurred by the Purchaser as a result of the Products causing personal or property damage to / for third parties.

G A Lindberg Chemtech is only responsible for such damage provided that the Buyer has used the products for the applicable purpose and in strict accordance with the product information transmitted by G A Lindberg Chemtech. Further, provided that the Buyer maintained continuous production control, including regular inspections and tests of all production components and end products.

Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, the liability for personal injury or property damage shall be limited to a maximum of SEK 500 000 per damage event and a maximum of SEK 1 000 000 per year. Any other third party compensation claims relating to the Products are outside G A Lindberg Chemtech's liability. The buyer shall keep G A Lindberg Chemtech harmless, where such compensation claims should be directed against GA Lindberg Chemtech.

Inspection, complaints and service

Immediately after delivery of the Products, the Buyer shall inspect them by analysis or other method and thereby exercise such accuracy as is customary or called for in the circumstances of the individual case.

Any complaints regarding the quantity or visible condition of the Products delivered shall be provided to G A Lindberg Chemtech within 30 days of delivery of the Products. Any complaints regarding hidden defects in the Products shall be submitted to G A Lindberg ChemTech within two (2) months after delivery. Failure to complain within the above stated times means that the Products are considered to be in accordance with the specifications.

Defective products shall not be destroyed or returned to G A Lindberg ChemTech without prior written consent from G A Lindberg ChemTech.

Force Majeure

None of the contracting parties of the sales agreement shall be liable for delay due to events beyond the control of the party (Force Majeure Event), including strikes or other labor conflicts, lack of raw materials or other production resources, lack of transportation services, construction services, fire and explosions, war and warlike conditions terrorist actions.

The contracting party who cannot fulfill its obligations due to the Force Majeure event shall promptly notify the other party and announce the estimated time for completion.

Each contracting party is entitled to terminate the performance of its obligations under the agreement if the counterparty is unable to fulfill its obligations over a period of more than three (3) months due to a Force Majeure Event.


Unforseen circumstances

If the circumstances that existed at the time of the sales agreement were to be changed before delivery time to the extent that the fulfillment of one or more of the obligations of either party would be unreasonably burdensome and this change could not reasonably have been anticipated by the affected party, G A Lindberg Chemtech and the Buyer will try to eliminate the current problem in order to preserve the intentions of the sales agreement including the initial balance between the contracting parties. If no settlement is reached within a reasonable period of time, the affected contractor shall be entitled to cancel the Sales Agreement for non-delivered deliveries.

Applicable legal order, create forums

Sales agreements will be regulated and interpreted according to Swedish law and other provisions in Sweden. Disputes with respect to the sales agreement will without exception be referred to the Swedish court of law in the area where GA Lindberg Chemtech's main office is located.