Abnox high-tech products
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Abnox high-tech products

Swiss supplier, with over 600 of high-tech Products like (metering valves, grease supply, material pressure regulators, lubrication eguipments, filler pumps for grease pumps, grease pumps, hand push pumps, oil level windows and clamping technology), it is considered as a solution for every application!

- Lubricant dispensing solutions:
Customized customer-specific  solutions from a leading quality manufacturer with long broad experience, the advantage of dosing devices is that you insure the right amount of lubrication in the right Place, the Components are also sold separately.


- Dispensing valves:
There are 3 different main types, all variants are available in different designs depending on the shot volume, available from 0.001 to 100 cm³/shot in different varients.

- Pumps:
Available in different types of pressures from 5:1 to 60:1, contact us for more information.

- Grease pumps:
Wanner one-handed varient, Muralt lever, there are also different types with different cylinder volume, chain or rod. In addition to various accessories tips, nozzles, connections, etc.

- Oil level windows:
Available in standard with aluminum and tempered glass, can withstand 130ºC and 4-10 bar. Available in inch or metric thread. In addition, special variants can be developed according to customer requirements. 



ABNOX Catalog - Lubrication technology





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