Curtis cutting fluids
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Curtis cutting fluids

Curtis Systems GmbH is a global manufacturer of cutting fluids and oils for all processing machines and production method within metal industries.

Curtis has been in Europe since the beginning of the 1970s. In Germany, Curtis is one of the largest players when it comes to cutting oils for Carbide grinding (Grimax series).

A technically superior cutting fluid

The new user-friendly and stable cutting fluid Curtis HiSpeed 441 eco has a combination of additives which makes it technically superior. Curtis is the first manufacturer to present this technology, called eco-tec, where eco stands for economy.

Prevents bacterial growth

The technology is based on an emulgator which gives high lubricity and extreme cleanliness. It also provides a stable pH that prevents bacterial growth and prolongs the life span of the cutting oil without the use of folmalin releasing bactericides common in regular cutting oils.

curtis eco technology


  • High and stable pH.
  • Highly bacteria and mould resistant.
  • Dermatologically safe.
  • Free from formalin releasing biocides.
  • Free from boric acid and other unhealthy substances.
  • Extremely good rust protection.
  • Very good runoff of cuttings.
  • High level of lubrication.
  • No need to add any additives.
  • Suitable for 0-30 dH°


  • Savings on concentrates up to 30-40%, extreme durability, longer change intervals and as a result, lowered costs for destruction. 
  • Dermatologically tested with certificates (ISO 18000).
  • Work environment friendly (ISO 18000).
  • User friendly product with a neural scent (ISO 18000).
  • More effective filtation, washing step can possibly be reduced.
  • Suitable for all metals and does not stain aluminium.
  • No need to handle aggressive chemicals.
  • No foaming in soft water and does not form clumps when processing aluminum and magnesium.





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