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Krytox™ lubricants for extreme temperatures

Krytox™ special lubricants is an extensive program, products are available in oils and greases form,

It has a wide range of uses from aerospace to extreme harsh manufacturing conditions.

Typical uses are, applications with extreme temperatures, severe chemicals, plastic and rubber materials, oxygen contact, flights, and anti-squeaks.

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GPL series:
Most common products are in the GPL series (General Purpose Lubricants). The products in the series differ by increasing the basic oil viscosity, with increasing numbers.

Krytox™ GPL Sheet

XHT series:
Products for applications where it is a bit hot (350º C).

Krytox™ XHT Sheet

LVP series:
Products for vacuum applications that provide low exhaust.

Krytox™ LVP Sheet

Vacuum pump oils:

Krytox™ Vacuum pump Sheet



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