G A Lindberg ChemTech - over 70 years in the business
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About us

Anställda på G A Lindberg

Business idea

We offer extensive knowledge and a comprehensive range of high quality chemical products for gluing, sealing, lubricating, machining and joining as well as related products from leading manufacturers in the industry.

G A Lindberg in short

  • Founded in 1944

  • G A Lindberg ChemTech AB is a part of Indutrade AB.

  • Our product range includes products intended for industrial use from the world's leading manufacturers, including gluing, lubrication and dosing.

  • We are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

  • We have the hgihest possible credit rating.

  • We are members of the FTI registry.

Read more about our history here.

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Knowledge | Experience | Quality

No chain is stronger than its weakest link. Whether this is a cliché or not, it is true for our products. If you are looking for a product within adhesives, lubricants, dosing or any other product, it is important to find the right konwledge, experience and quality. You will find that here with us.




How will I choose?

We are much more than a company that sells products. With over 70 years in the business we know that you need help choosing the right product for your specific application. We have experts within adhesives, lubricants and Equipment.

Take the opportunity to test our knowledge!

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