Dymax - Light curing adhesives & materials
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Dymax - Light curing adhesives, materials and equipments

It takes longer time for you to read this phrase than Dymax light curing adhesive to cure!

UV-lim - dymax ljushärdande lim

Light curing adhesives and materials


Dymax products are utilized in a wide range applications within the appliance, medical device, electronic, aerospace and defense, and automative industries worldwide.

Light curing adhesives cure in seconds upon exposure to longwave ultraviolet light and/or visible light, heat, secondary moisture cure, or with an activator. 

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UV light-curing systems


 Dymax spot, flood and conveyor curing systems utilize medium- to high-intensity light energy to quickly bond plastic, glass, and metal substrates.

It takes only few seconds to cure adhesives and coating with UV light-curing  equipment.

Fast cure means less work in progress, helping manufactures gain efficiency, reduce costs, and improve their overall assembly process.

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Dymax has switched packing to EFD Optimum.


Why choose UV?

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