G A Lindberg 80th-anniversary celebration event

A day filled with inspiration, insights and the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry.

Seminars and trade shows!

16 global suppliers from Europe and the USA will exhibit and hold seminars and share the latest trends and news.

May 16, 2024

Free seminars all day:

Listen to inspiring speakers and experts who share their knowledge and experience covering topics such as technology, innovation, sustainability, and the future.

Tune in to, among others:

"The Future of Industry, AI, and the Metaverse - A New Era of Innovation" with Tomas Bendz, CEO and founder of the company Around the Corner. Welcome to an inspiring and thought-provoking journey into the future of Swedish industry and innovation! The seminar focuses on the latest trends and innovations driving the Swedish industry forward, with a particular emphasis on the development of interactive 3D environments and AI linked to this. You will receive an overview and review of these trends and how they relate to current challenges and opportunities in the industrial sector, digitization, and sustainability. Tomas will present insights on how technology is crucial in shaping the future and addressing the most pressing issues in the industry.

Seminar/Panel Debate: Innovation, Sustainability, and Development of the Swedish Business Sector

Tobias Andersson, (SD), Chairman of the Committee on Industry and Spokesperson on Business Policy. Member of Parliament, Chairman of the Committee on Industry, Member of the Party Executive Board.

Birger Lahti (V), Acting Member of Parliament, Pragmatic Business-oriented Spokesperson for Rural Policy.

Camilla Brodin (KD), Acting Member of Parliament, Spokesperson on Energy Policy for the Christian Democrats.

Solvatten the Swedish-made innovation today provides clean and hot water to over 700,000 people in around 40 developing countries.


Hydrogen industry, where are we today, opportunities ahead

Lecturer: Vätgas Sweden (Hydrogen Sweden)

1. Designing with silicone and choosing a silicone. This presentation includes an overview around the future of silicone as well.

NuSil Silicones will present an overview of the future of silicone and its applications in medical technology, space, aviation, defense, and electronics. 

Designing a new device has it challenges but finding the right material shouldn’t be one. NuSil, a global leader in high-purity silicones, invites you to explore silicone’s capabilities and how they can enable your innovation. For over four decades, NuSil has been a key partner for device success. We bring that experience to you to empower the next generation of devices.

During this talk, you will learn:

  • Why silicones are the solution for new device designs
  • Which fabrication method is right for you
  • How to choose the best silicone for your application
  • The future of silicones and devices

2. The Power Of Light – Increase Process Flexibility & Control”

Dymax will present innovative light-curable adhesives to enhance flexibility and control in manufacturing processes.

3. De – bonding technologies for refurbishing, battery & life and recycling applications.

  • semi-structural bonding of composites for sensor application, truck front end bonding, battery assembly with cold curable two component polyurethane BETAFORCETM adhesives
  • di – isocyanate free thermal conductive gap fillers and thermal conductive adhesives & injectable battery assembly adhesives
  • structural and thermal conductive bonding application for energy storage systems.

DuPont will present industry trends aligned and its product portfolio including adhesives, lubricants, films for electrical and thermal management in the areas of vehicle (automotive), energy storage and e-mobility.

Dupont Dr. Stefan Schmatl (R&D) och from Dupont will discuss polyurethane adhesives and seals for the automotive industry with a focus on Sustainable solutions.

4. Sustainable lubricants/lubrication.

Molykote will present specialty lubricants for demanding applications in OEM and MRO with a focus on sustainability.

Speaker: Technical Service & Development Specialist Dr. Christian Kranenberg

5. Epotek / Epoxy Technology Europe GmbH

Meridian Adhesives Group: The Science of Solutions, Electronics Division

(About us: Epoxy Technology Inc. & Epoxies Etc.)

  • Markets / Applications
  • Product Technology
  • Electronics & Assembly Applications
  • EV Applications
  • Key Products

Speaker: Oliver Teut, Sales Director Europe, European Adhesives Specialist

6. PFAS free lubricants for the Food and Beverage Industries

ITW/Rocol will address the reasons behind the removal of these chemicals from products and their implications for end-users and businesses

Speaker: Product Manager Gareth Proctor.

7. Recyclable Encapsulants for Electronic Devices

Elantas Molding compounds and circuit board varnish for electronics


8. Bio-Based / sustainably sourced materials.

Permabond will present bio-based and sustainably sourced materials and their role in promoting environmentally friendly solutions across various industries.

9. Lubricant selection and optimization of lubrication technology

Lubricant selection and optimization of lubrication technology can contribute to cost efficiency, increased operational and personal safety as well as increased durability. We will give you tips on which lubrication technology parameters are important to monitor for effective and sustainable lubrication.

ExxonMobil will address sustainability issues and optimization solutions for the industry.

Mini Fairs 

Explore exciting innovations and products from leading suppliers of chemical engineering solutions.

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When: May 16, 2024

Where: Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm

the doors open 9.30 am